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As Suez Water Technologies & Solutions states on its website, it too faces challenges – but not in water treatment and industrial processes, its field of expertise. It has drawn on Merak’s expertise to digitise valuable information from technical files and industrial plans. This was where its challenge lay.


The project took place in the context of the company’s relocation to new premises. The files had been scattered throughout the building, mostly in the basement, for as long as anyone could remember. The environment in which they were kept was not ideal in terms of considerations such as accessibility, fire protection and climate control. In addition, knowledge of what these files contained lay mostly with the older employees. Given that the information was so valuable, even to newer employees, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions made the decision to digitise this documentation.

With Merak’s knowledge and experience in project management and digitisation, a complete approach plan was developed. All the files were carefully packed up by the Merak employees, inventoried and transferred to the Merak buildings. The boxes were kept there in ideal conditions.

Merak gave Suez Water Technologies & Solutions a guarantee from day 1 that all information would be available as soon as the building in Herstal was vacated. If the need arose to consult a file, the box containing the file was given priority treatment: it was digitised in its entirety and delivered in digital form.
This method was ideal for both parties. The space was cleared, ensuring that the deadline for the imminent move of Suez Water Technologies & Solutions could be met. Merak was able to assign a permanent team to the project to ensure that the files could be thoroughly prepared, digitised and delivered within the agreed time.

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions chose to have the originals destroyed by Merak after digitisation. This last step in the entire process was carried out under conditions controlled by Merak, and a certificate was delivered.

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