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AZ St-Rembert: Make place for what really counts

“Merak satisfies our need to be fully compliant for our accreditations“

AZ Sint-Rembert Torhout, a hospital in West Flanders, has been using Merak’s archiving services since 2016. By relocating its passive archive to the Merak site in Schelle, AZ Sint-Rembert gained some 185 m² of space. This is now used for endoscopy examinations and consultations, among other purposes. The hospital is delighted that it made the switch to an external partner.

AZ Sint-Rembert - Archief

AZ Sint-Rembert is a regional hospital with 211 beds, 600 employees and 70 doctors where people from the Houtland region can go for specialist treatment of all kinds. Because hospitals have to keep all patient records for up to 30 years after the death of the patient, all the files were taking up a huge amount of space.

Jurgen Blauwet, head of medical records and archive management: ‘The financial cost of managing our passive archive was going up all the time. Not just because of the increasing number of square metres of floor space, but due to the extra equipment we needed, such as racks.’

Just at the right time

It was at this very point that Merak presented its services to the hospital. ‘They arrived just at the right time,’ says Jurgen Blauwet. ‘Their proposal corresponded perfectly to our needs: we have complete control of the archive and a perfect overview of it, it’s well secured, completely confidential and well protected against fire, theft, humidity and so on. These are important requirements for us, because we absolutely have to be compliant in these respects in order to maintain our accreditations. And that’s absolutely the case with Merak.’

A problem-free move

The passive archive’s relocation to the Merak site in Schelle also went very smoothly. Jurgen Blauwet: ‘The complete integration started in December 2016 and the entire move was completed within three weeks. The hospital used Merak’s assistance service, so we ourselves had nothing at all to do. Merak employees moved everything under my guidance. But other than say where everything was, I had nothing to do. Afterwards I went to Schelle to see exactly where everything had been stored.’

Files retrieved within 24 hours

‘Every so often we have to request a few files. Merak assured us that it would take no more than 24 hours for files to be back at the hospital, and it has more than made good on that promise. It’s extremely important for our archive to be available at all times. Merak gives us a really swift service via the central email address. I receive an answer the same day and the file is back with us the next day.

Upgrade to Merak Inventory Online (MIO)

‘We’re very satisfied with the Merak service, which is why we’ll shortly be switching to Merak Inventory Online, Merak’s online management application. This will make it even easier for us to manage our archive. After our files had been processed, we received an Excel file from Merak containing all the data. But with Merak Inventory Online it will be even easier for us to search our archive, and we’ll also have more possibilities for adding our own descriptions after the upgrade.’

AZ Sint-Rembert - Archief

Publicatiedatum: 15-03-2018

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