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Merak scans your ledgers and paper documents and makes them available electronically

The new, digital way of working and the paperless office… All these evolutions require that you digitise files and documents. The ever-growing paper mountain increases your overheads as well as making you more vulnerable to theft or damages. Your customer service also loses a lot of time searching for the right files. At the same time, your company has to store all this paper, which takes up a lot of physical space. This problem can be easily solved by digitising your archive.

You can have access to your documents, anytime, anywhere, regardless of where they are located, if you scan your paper documents. Moreover, digital scanning becomes even more interesting if you bear in mind that 70% of all companies would have serious problems within three weeks if all their paper documents were lost, for example due to a fire. The digitisation of your documents ensures their safety in case of a fire, as well as preventing theft. Merak has a solution for this.

Merak scans books, documents and files

You can easily scan your entire paper archive with Merak’s scanning service. This allows you to make data digitally available to anyone who needs them.

There is no need to install software and your scanned documents and files will be stored on a secure server at Merak. A user-friendly and secure solution that is very easy to search.
And because every search is stored in the logs, you also always know who requests which documents and when.

How we work

After a start-up meeting, during which we list your needs and requirements, we send you the required Merak boxes. If you wish, we can also help you box up your paper archive. A Merak courier registers the boxes he or she collects and then transports them to the Merak scanning service. There all the boxes are given the “IN” status and the documents are prepared for digitisation. All the staples, post-its and paperclips are removed. If necessary, they are replaced after the scan. The documents are then scanned and indexed and undergo our quality control process. After approval, we supply the digital documents to you on the carrier of your choice.

What about original files?

There are three options:
  • You store the original paper archive at your company’s premises.
  • Merak stores the original paper files for you. We archive them professionally, anonymously and under strict conditions
  • Your digitised documents are destroyed once the retention period has expired.

What can Merak scan and digitise for you?

  • books
  • documents
  • files
  • agendas
  • and plans

Why have Merak digitise your documents?

  • Preparation for the new way of working.
  • Your scanned documents and files are available 24/7.
  • Guaranteed anonymity.
  • A user-friendly application.
  • High-tech infrastructure.

Fast and efficient<br/> viewing Fast and efficient

Perfect <br/>readability Perfect

All materials <br/>and formats All materials
and formats

Guaranteed discretion and security Guaranteed discretion and security

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