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Merak manages your digital archives and makes them available online

The original documents remain untouched and safe for an even greater guarantee of security. The digital archives are easy to find and consult with a few clicks, and their authenticity is guaranteed.

Merak stores your data in a suitable environment.

Link between the original and digital copy:
The Merak online archiving system will automatically create a link between the original and digital version of your company documents and files. This makes it even easier to retrieve information. At the touch of a button, a courier will deliver the original document at your office in accordance with the arrangements made. In this way you can combine the flexibility of the internet with the authenticity of your original documents.

Merak offers you the correct equipment.

Merak Archive Online (MAO):
You can update your archives from anywhere with an internet connection. You can quickly and simply add a virtual copy of your most recent documents to our server. Your data are never removed, unless you explicitly request us to do so.

Unique hash codes:
Merak Archive Online (MAO) gives each stored document a hash code. This is a unique combination of letters and numbers. With this code you can prove to the authorities that your documents are perfectly stored.

Encrypted communication:
Merak is making a huge effort to also guarantee your absolute security on the internet. The data communication is as safe as online banking. Your transactions must be confirmed with a specific personal code. Each character exchanged through Merak Archive Online is encrypted.

At Merak we provide you with a complete service.

Strict access control:
The Merak security system is extremely strict. You decide who has access to which specific files. And unauthorised means no access! This means you can protect your vital information from the outside world. At the same time, the system registers every manipulation of your archives. This means that you can always see who consulted which files. If required, Merak can send you clear statistics regarding these manipulations.

Integration with your software:
MAO can easily be integrated with your software. This means that MAO becomes a part of your working environment without any drastic adaptation of your working method or habits. On the contrary. It feels as if the online archive module has always been programmed into your software. Merak will be glad to review the possibilities with you.

Accessible anywhere and fast Accessible anywhere and fast

100% secure 100% secure

User-friendly User-friendly

Legally valid Legally valid

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