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With our professional archive boxes you will protect your documents for years to come.

Merak’s archive boxes are designed to keep your documents safe. They have high resistance to moisture absorption, can bear a lot of weight and are known for their long useful life. You can order our archive boxes online, so you can keep your paper archive in optimal conditions at home or at the office.

Safe archiving in good packaging

Safe archive storage starts with packaging.
If there’s one thing we know for sure after 35 years of experience, it is how important it is to keep your archive in a high-quality archive box. An archive box that fails to meet the key criteria will tear or buckle over time, as you can see in the photo opposite. This will get worse if the boxes aren’t stored in a climate-controlled environment or if you stack them. Archive boxes can quickly lose their shape under these conditions.

High-quality Merak boxes next to low-quality boxes
A man steps on Merak’s archive box

An ultra-solid archive box

To ensure that your documents last for years, Merak has developed its well-known, ultra-solid archive box. It’s strong and very easy to use. If you would like even more security for confidential documents, we can also seal your boxes.

Our archive boxes undergo a strict quality check at the Belgian Packaging Institute with every delivery. Among other things, they test how resistant they are to moisture. The strength and quality of the cardboard are also examined.

Key features:

  • Cardboard with high resistance to moisture absorption: this enables the box to keep its shape for longer than standard archive boxes
  • Good value for money: by bulk-buying, Merak is able to offer this box at a very reasonable price
  • Acid-neutral: so that your papers, photos or plans are not affected
  • Super-sturdy cardboard: so that they will easily last 25 years
  • Handy to use and easy to stack and move
  • The boxes are sealable

Practical details and dimensions

Our archive boxes come with an area for the barcode and a room for any notes you wish to add yourself. A standard format Merak archive box fits 4 to 5 (wide) ring binders. You can order them online and they are available in packs of 25, including lids.

Standard format dimensions:
  • Inside dimensions: 386x316x257mm(*)
  • Outside dimensions: 410x333x270mm(*)

(*) Actual measurements may vary slightly.

You can easily order our archive boxes online. Would you like more information or a different format? You’re welcome to contact us on 015 28 40 60 or at

Merak archive boxes

High moisture absorption resistance High moisture absorption resistance

Durable design Durable design

Available in special offer packages Available in special offer packages

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