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Merak stores your laboratory archives in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards

Optimum climatological conditions Optimum climatological conditions

In accordance with strict regulations In accordance with strict regulations

Maximum <br/>flexibility Maximum

Emergency generators and backup systems Emergency generators and backup systems

Certified approach Certified approach

Archiving samples and reference materials require intensive maintenance and large amounts of space and energy. The legal retention period of your laboratory archives can amount to ten years after the product is taken off the market. During this period, Merak will store your material under optimum conditions and in accordance with the strictest regulations. In this way you do not take any risks.

Merak stores your data in a suitable environment.

Ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT):
In specially built laboratory archives, Merak has ultra-low temperature freezers able to cool your data down to -86°C. Due to the extensive safety measures, the ULT freezers are always on standby.

Calibrated and independent data loggers:
These specialised data meters send their results to automated climate-control systems. In this way, temperature and humidity are always maintained. They also backup their results in a secured safe. And if something should still go wrong, the backup freezer ensures the continuity of the storage of your material.

Merak offers you the correct equipment.

Seamless procedures:
An anonymous barcode system registers each scan and remembers the exact storage location of your data carriers. In this way your data is always traceable. And because you decide who will have access to your laboratory archives, it will not get into the hands of unauthorised people.

At Merak we provide you with a complete service.

A certified approach:
Merak has all the key certificates for your laboratory archives. The infrastructure and working methods are in accordance with the OESO regulations, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines, CBMT terms and conditions, Vlarem I and II legislation and Codex. We guarantee a correct handling of your laboratory archives.

Merak Inventory Online:
With this online application you can retrieve your material through a secured internet connection. With a few clicks in the inventory you can request samples which our couriers will deliver to you. Through this simple management system you can also add or remove data from samples. In this way your archives only contain relevant information.

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