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Depositing the source code of custom made software programs

'Escrow' is a legal term meaning that something has been made secure by an independent third party. This is, for example, required for the source code of your tailor made computer programs. As an independent third party, Merak Software Escrow is able to look after the interests of the developer and user. In this way your operational continuity is guaranteed, whatever may happen.

Merak stores your data in a suitable environment.

Protective e-bunker:
The e-bunker in which Merak stores the source codes of your software has an optimum storage environment for your source code. The temperature and humidity are kept constant and it has a perfectly adapted fire detection and extinguishing system.

Merak offers you the correct equipment.

Strict access control:
Merak manages watertight contracts specifying very detailed release procedures representing the interests of both parties. According to the arrangements, the data are regularly updated. This process is obviously screened by our professional IT staff to make sure that the submitted information is actually usable. It is in everyone’s interest that our cooperation smoothly follows the right track. Clear arrangements ensure the best cooperation in the long term.

At Merak we provide you with a complete service.

IT review and legal support:
The Merak Software Escrow professionals can arrange a neutral review of the stored source code. These specialists can also be present, if required, upon delivery of the source codes or updates.

Secure and <br/>independent storage Secure and
independent storage

Optimum <br/>storage conditions Optimum
storage conditions

Professional <br/>support Professional

Continuity of your<br/> personalised software Continuity of your
personalised software

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