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Merak will externally secure your backups at the agreed frequency

80% of companies suffer serious computer breakdowns every year. Often this involves the loss of essential company data. A strictly controlled external backup of your computer data at Merak will protect your business operations against the consequences of a technical or deliberate computer breakdown.

Merak stores your data in a suitable environment.

A fully equipped e-bunker:
Merak stores your backups securely and sustainably in an underground safe built according to the strict Swiss Civil Standards of Protection. In this e-bunker, the climate is kept at an optimum level to store your magnetic carriers. The entire bunker is also equipped with a clever fire extinguishing system using an environmentally friendly gas. Any fire is accurately located, and flames are immediately and precisely extinguished.

Faraday cage:
The Merak e-bunker is not only a safe but also an enormous Faraday cage. This clever construction prevents harmful electromagnetic waves, caused by lightning, an e-bomb or solar storm, from disrupting your data carriers.

Merak offers you the correct equipment.

Anonymous sealed cases:
Merak will seal the airtight cases containing your backups in your presence. This seal has a unique barcode which can be verified through the online inventory software. In this way you can easily trace which data carriers were consulted and by whom. To guarantee anonymity, all cases are identical on the outside, only their sizes differ.

At Merak we provide you with a complete service.

Own discrete courier service:
In an emergency situation, the Merak couriers are at your service 24/7 to deliver your backups to a fixed or different location, also outside Europe. Obviously a strict procedure is adhered to, meaning that your data carriers remain anonymous and traceable. For instance, the data carriers are transported in discrete vehicles which continuously emit signals to our central dispatch showing their location.

Seamless data recovery plan:
An offline backup is only useful if it is carried out regularly. Merak will give you advice and assistance when setting up a seamless data recovery plan. Together we will review your IT risk and draw up a suitable planning for the procedures. Merak will accurately carry out the agreed schedule. You can adjust the procedure to your needs in a flexible but controlled manner.

Media Storage:
Merak media storage is the fastest solution to recover lost data. The recovery of data through carriers is faster than online. Indispensable for your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures.

Accurate rotation schedules<br/> secure your backup Accurate rotation schedules
secure your backup

Offline storage<br/> in an e-bunker Offline storage
in an e-bunker

Guaranteed discret. Strict delivery procedure 24/7 Guaranteed discret. Strict delivery procedure 24/7

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