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Digitisation for Santander Consumer Finance Benelux B.V.

“Security, flexibility and proactivity”

“In the autumn of 2009, Merak digitised thousands of (ongoing) files from the previous years. In just a couple of weeks’ time, everything had been sorted out. It went so smoothly because it split the work up among different teams of experienced staff.”

Santander - Digitaliseren

Permanent access checks

“During the whole operation – and still today in fact - the main source of concern was and is privacy. Merak offered watertight guarantees in this respect. Its methods satisfy the strictest of regulations. And it prevents any unauthorised persons from gaining access to the files. This same traceability also applies to our staff: each movement in the archive is registered in different logs. This way, we know who has consulted which files.”

Most economical solution

“At the same time, Merak thinks proactively alongside us. It monitors the legal retention periods; when one of them expires, it ask for authorisation to destroy the files in question, which means that we don’t pay a single day too much for our storage. It also anticipates legal developments; if legal specifications change, it informs us. It is precisely this security, flexibility and proactivity that make Merak the provider that we want to entrust with our files.”

Publicatiedatum: 02-2011

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