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"The new way of working: so much easier with Merak"

Source: Merak newsletter march 2022

The new way of working: so much easier with Merak

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When the coronavirus crisis broke out, the entire country had to switch to working from home overnight. It was no easy matter. Fortunately, Merak immediately came to the rescue with solutions that made working from home a lot easier. Are your home workers using these solutions yet?

Tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams took off when the crisis broke out. However, they did not provide a solution for the use of physical documents, and a large proportion of business documentation is still not digitised – administrative documents, building plans, archives and much more. Your employees doubtless still have to use paper documents on a regular basis, especially within administrative departments.

Scanning and digitising

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To solve this problem, Merak’s scanning service scans your documents, archives, plans and files on professional scanners. The result: high-quality scans that are perfectly legible on your screen.

Once your business documents have been scanned, they are immediately available in digital form 24/7. A digital document can be quickly found on the basis of date, number or customer, for example. You can share any document online, and you know who is requesting which case you may have excess documents at all times. Moreover, you don’t need to install any software for this, because all your data is guaranteed to be kept safely and anonymously on our secure servers.

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Digitising your own business documents is one thing, but what do you do with the correspondence that arrives at your office every day while your employees are working from home? There’s no need to play the postman yourself: simply have your post delivered to the Merak mailroom. We will organise and digitise all your correspondence, so that every message gets to the right department or person quickly. That way you can be sure of a smooth and efficient data flow.

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Goods storage for businesses

BoxStorage boxes

Have you reduced your business space now that working from home has become common practice, or have you started using some of your office spaces for different purposes? In that office furniture or other equipment that you don’t necessarily want to get rid of immediately. You can have it stored in optimal, climate-controlled conditions at Merak.

What’s more, we’ll deliver the storage boxes to your door and take them away to look after safely once you’ve filled them up.

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