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"Offline Back-up Storage is the safest solution for your archive"

Making back-ups is like drawing up contracts: it is only at ‘difficult’ moments that it proves its importance. Even more so, at a moment like that everything has to be completely watertight. Otherwise it would all be for nothing. That’s why it’s important to choose the safest and most suitable back-up method for your digital archive. Because only then can you continue working without interruption after a computer crash.

External, physical back-up
Why is Offline Back-up Storage so reliable? Because this offers the best conditions for storing a physical medium with digital data externally. After a crash, you request your data carriers. A Merak courier sets off and delivers the tapes or disks to a manager. They re-enter the data on your system.

So it’s safer and faster than an online solution. Because when you are talking bout several gigabytes of data, it would take forever to download them again. Capturing the data on a disk or a tape is considerably faster – even if you take the transport with a courier into account. And an external system is not prey to hackers which is a real threat for online back-ups.

Secure specialist work
Continuity is one thing, reliability is another. What guarantees does your provider offer to safeguard the privacy of your company and that of your clients? Are the proposed online connections secured against cyber-attacks? And are your disks or tapes kept in a room where nobody can consult them without permission?

You can only entrust your digital archive to specialists that have the right hard and software in order to provide maximum protection for the content. Ask you provider if they are able to supply user statistics. You need these in order to check who consults specific documents and when exactly. That way you know what is happening with your data at any point in time – because this is crucial if you want to guarantee privacy. At Merak security measures are a standard part of each solution.

Remaining affordable
That’s all well and good, but isn’t archiving everything via Offline Back-up Storage expensive?” No, it’s not too bad. But you can cut down your costs by categorising your data by importance. Not all information is indispensable. So you should choose a back-up system with proportional security guarantees. For some data, you may do better with a cheaper online solution. Archiving essential files does require the highest degree of protection. On disk or tape in Merak’s e-bunker for instance. The several-metresthick concrete walls protect your computer data against attacks by magnetic rays or physical aggression.

How reliable is online back-up?”

Demand transparent sales conditions
Is online back-up the best solution for you? Then you should find a provider who presents you with transparent sales conditions. Because you are spoiled for choice when it comes to companies who offer this service. But are they also able to deliver your data ready to use when you need it?

An informative case study
A large number of IT companies nowadays present online back-ups as the ultimate solution, because you don’t need any extra hardware for it and the information remains permanently accessible, wherever and whenever you want it. And yet, it is not all great news. For instance, you have the story of a current Merak client who found himself in serious problems with his former provider. He signed a contract for four years. The provider was supposed to make a periodic and totally automatic online back-up of his computer system. The sales contract guaranteed 480,000 euros worth of damages if something went wrong. But “nothing would go wrong”, because the provider had 20 IT staff available to help solve any problem immediately.

Do you know what you are signing?
And yet something did go wrong - and seriously wrong. After a crash, the client asked for his ‘automatic online back-ups’. But the provider was unable to supply them. In the small print of his General Terms and Conditions, he found a reason to refuse the payment for damages. The end-result: the client blew a fuse about it, left the provider and turned to Merak where he found a watertight solution. Because each Merak contract is uniform and written in your native language. So that you know exactly what is in our General Terms and Conditions.

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