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"Merak provides the right climate for your information"


Merak provides the right climate for your information

Transport of back-ups

Magnetic data carriers and fluctuating temperatures are not a good match. The magnetic tape consists of layers made from various raw materials that react differently to the environmental temperature. Major fluctuations can consequently cause serious damage to these carriers.

Merak has solutions to prevent this damage and extend the life of your tapes. Until recently, your tapes were transported in delivery vans fitted with a traditional air-conditioning system: this solution is adequate in normal weather conditions. But you know that for us good is not good enough. We are committed to providing the same protection for your data in the most extreme temperatures (severe sub-zero conditions and heatwaves). For this reason, we have invested heavily in intelligent climate control for our fleet of Merak vehicles.

Your data travels business class

In the Merak e-bunker, we guarantee ideal storage conditions for your back-ups. Temperature control is an essential part of this. The storage temperature is in fact lower than the usage temperature. The easy solution would be for us to leave the responsibility for the gradual transition from storage to usage temperature up to the customer. But this is against our philosophy. So we always supply your carriers at usage temperature, even if the weather conditions are highly unpredictable. So how do we do this? The answer is through efficient use of the time that is necessary for transportation: our smart climate control in the delivery vans ensures a gradual transition of the temperature during the ride. When the vans arrive at their destination, the magnetic tapes are just about ready for use. Even if the outside temperature peaks at 30°C ... in the shade.

Six months of testing

The new climate control system has been tested for six months in order to simulate the most extreme situations. The freight compartment of the test van with the 'smart' air-conditioning was fitted with sophisticated insulation so it could be seen how it would cope with sitting all day long in the baking sun or in extreme cold. The temperature of the load was perfect at all times. After this positive evaluation of the system, Merak provided all the delivery vans with the same system. This has the advantage that you can use your back-ups almost immediately upon arrival. Thus you have fewer worries – something that also makes us very happy. Is the system over the top? We don't think so because your information deserves more than just 'ordinary' treatment.

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