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"How Mercedes-Benz is driving forward towards a sustainable future"

Source: Merak newsletter march 2022

How Mercedes-Benz is driving forward towards a sustainable future


In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has invested in the electrification of its vehicle fleet. But the company’s sustainable strategy goes much further than that – and Merak is playing its part in this, says Helen Van Nuffelen, Manager Corporate Communication for Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg.

Sustainability is no more buzzword for Mercedes-Benz, Helen Van Nuffelen emphasises. ‘Emission-free mobility has been our vision for the future for years and that has also entailed taking a sustainable direction with the entire organisation. Or as we call it here at Mercedes-Benz, a Spurwechsel (German for ‘a change of lanes’ - ed.).’

A growing range of electric cars

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The concrete manifestation of this strategy is Ambition 2039, which states that a CO2-neutral vehicle fleet should be offered by 2039. ‘And where possible, we want to go fully electric by the end of this decade,’ adds Van Nuffelen. ‘Thanks to the extensive portfolio of plug-in hybrids and the growing range of fully electric cars, the average CO2 emissions of our fleet of new cars are currently well below the European guideline.’

More than just cars

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‘However, our responsibility does not stop with the development of electric vehicles,’ Van Nuffelen appreciates. ‘That’s why we’ve set up the Green Charging initiative. Mercedes-Benz BeLux guarantees that the first 200,000 km of every battery-powered electric car sold will be charged with green energy.’

According to Van Nuffelen, Mercedes-Benz’s sustainable approach is now an intrinsic part of the entire production chain. ‘By the end of this year, our global production will be CO2-neutral, we’re fully committed to recycling and the reuse of materials and we’re giving our batteries a second lease of life. At the same time, we continue to look ahead. For example, the concept car Vision EQXX has the lowest air resistance ever and solar panels in its roof. It’s upholstered with vegan leather made partly from fungi, and its floor mats are made of bamboo. We’re even working on an organic battery. Because what could be better than a battery that you can simply throw on the compost heap after use?’

A shared vision

Mercedes-Benz also expects the same innovative sustainable approach from its partners, including Merak. ‘We share the same vision of quality, reliability and sustainability,’ says Van Nuffelen. ‘And that goes much further than our ecological efforts. Privacy and data protection also fall under the heading of sustainability, and these too are top priorities for both of us. In short, this is an excellent long-term partnership based on shared values, which was extended and expanded last year.’

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