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The experience of a major player in the transport sector

“Our move to a new headquarter was the moment to
digitise our paper archives.”

The Brussels transport company MIVB/STIB moved to a new office in the Royal Atrium in 2009. The entire archive needed to be moved too. This drastic change therefore provided the ideal opportunity to get rid of the enormous paper mountain. MIVB/STIB chose the option of digital documents and engaged Merak for this sweeping change. So far 50,000 documents have been scanned. The result is an archive which takes up much less space, is much more practical to work with and also a lot better for the environment.

Digitaliseren archief

Cultural change

“During the preparations for the move, we were immediately faced with a challenge: leaving the paper culture behind us and entering the digital world”, says Anne-Sophie Olbrechts, responsible for Document Management at MIVB/STIB. “In the Royal Atrium, storage space is much more limited. So all employees received the clear instruction: get rid of all the paper work in your office by digitising. Any documents which we did not need to save as a paper copy or which we needed to be able to view instantly, were to be scanned.”

Always available

For this large-scale operation, MIVB issued a tender to find a service provider with the required capacity for digitisation and data management. Merak appeared to offer the best service. “There were various arguments that settled the matter for us”, Anne-Sophie Olbrechts clarifies. “Not only the financial terms and conditions, but also the fact that the company is always contactable. We were certain that we could always count on them, which was very important to us in unforeseen circumstances. Our tender also included a test for the various candidates. And Merak achieved the highest score there too!”

Expectations exceeded

The performance of Merak has clearly met our expectations. “Merak has managed to adapt to our specific characteristics as well as to our limitations. Even when this fell outside the scope of the agreement. For example, they offered us additional staff to help with the preparations, such as the indexing of paper documents. Merak also showed that the company was flexible enough to stick to our delivery times, which would change depending on our workload. Our agreed timing was simply adjusted to the circumstances. The procedures at Merak furthermore guarantee the absolute security of our data, both when collecting our documents and during the processing at Merak.”

53 tonnes of paper gone!

“When all our documents were scanned, the directors and employees received a CD-ROM with all their documents in PDF format, neatly ordered and divided individually or in batches. So far 50,000 documents have been scanned. During the move we have been able to do away with over 53 tonnes of paper! Currently, any incoming mail is immediately scanned and sent in electronic format to the addressees, who already partially manage these in the Document Management System. Each year we organise a new “Cleaning day” to get rid of all superfluous papers. Now we really think hard before we print any documents!”, Anne-Sophie Olbrechts concludes.

Digitaliseren archief

Publicatiedatum 04-2016

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