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Fiducré: The digital archive of Fiducré

“Fiducré manages files faster and more efficiently thanks to the Merak scanning department“

Since March 2012, debt collection agency Fiducré, part of ING, has been using Merak’s scanning services. Their case managers are responsible, among other things, for collecting debts relating to mortgages and consumer credit. About six years ago, the company decided to largely replace its physical archive with a digital archive. Stefan Biesemans, Manager Operational Support at Fiducré, has no regrets at all about that decision.

Fiducré: het digitaal archief van Fiducré

"Every new document that we have collected since then has been scanned by Merak within 48 hours and integrated into our management application," says Biesemans. "This has lots of advantages for us. The case managers have one-click access to the complete file. This is incredibly efficient, as it means they no longer have to go to the archive to find the right file and put it back again afterwards. We can also help our customers immediately if they need a certain document: the digital version will be right there in their mailbox. Thanks to Merak, our services have been further optimised."

Towards a completely digital archive

As Fiducré works with sensitive information, the debt collection company was looking for a reliable partner. Quality, accuracy, speed and security were all crucial. ‘It’s important for us for every requested file to be scanned within 48 hours, without any loss of quality. We also wanted scanned documents to end up in the right file immediately.’

Every day, Merak retrieves some 500 documents from Fiducré, ranging from credit records to lists of registered letters sent. These are digitised, but certain documents are also archived. Biesemans: ‘Original contracts have to be stored physically, as we have to be able to produce them in court, for example.’ This is another thing that Fiducré uses Merak’s service for. ‘We know that documents are kept in optimal conditions in the Merak storage centre, and that they meet all the strict ISO standards in terms of security.

In the course of 2019, Fiducré wants to have all files fully digitised. Biesemans: ‘We still have an old filing system with documents from before 2012. We’re eliminating this backlog together with Merak, so that we can work as digitally as possible.’

Proactive attitude

Merak is more than just a supplier for Fiducré. Every three months, the two parties sit down together at a service meeting to discuss current issues. Biesemans: ‘I really appreciate the fact that Merak looks for solutions together with us. Over the years we’ve created a real relationship of trust, and when they spot certain opportunities to improve our operations in the field of archive management, they’re put straight on the table.’”

At the instigation of Merak’s account managers, documents are now automatically linked to the right file, without human intervention. ‘This significantly reduces the chance of errors, thanks to a simple extra step that Merak presented to us,’ concludes Biesemans.

Fiducré: het digitaal archief van Fiducré

Publicatiedatum: 24-05-2018

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