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Stijn Van Malder is IS Manager Infrastructure at Bes-Be. Together with the other members of his team, he handles about 3000 calls per month from end-users who are experiencing a problem with their PC. He also makes sure that their data are secured against all possible threats on more than four hundred servers via back- ups. If something goes wrong, they deploy their disaster recovery plan. Depending on the specific problem, these data are back online within four hours!

Stijn Van Malder - Cofely

Bes-Be is a business unit of the GDF SUEZ Group that provides IT support to several of its subsidiaries. The main benefit? All IT services are totally uniform across 5000 end- users. This allows them to work more efficiently, smoothly and reliably. Countries in which these end-users are located include: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Norway, Canada, Dubai …

Centralised back-ups

Stijn Van Malder: “The data from all of the companies we support converge in the Bes-Be datacentre in Brussels. We perform centralised back-ups of these data on a daily basis. For the external, off-site archiving of these fifty tapes – which can hold between 25 and 45 terabytes of information – Merak plays a crucial role. It picks them up once a week and delivers the new set of tapes for the next series of back-ups – strictly according to what was agreed upon.”

Strict confidentiality

“It’s not possible for just anyone to access the information on the tapes straightaway. But confidentiality is still a crucial point for attention: these data must not fall into the wrong hands. The good news is that, when it comes to confidentiality, we have nothing to fear with Merak. They are unrelenting –and rightly so. There was an instance in which their courier arrived with a delivery of tapes, but the person in charge wasn’t there to accept delivery. So they called me, at which point I had to fax them my signed and authorised approval before the courier would hand over the tapes. It’s good to know that our data are perfectly safe in Merak’s hands.”

Legal data storage periods

“Some systems are end of service life: they gradually fade away. But we are legally required to store the data from these hard drives for another ten years. This is why we made full system back-ups, which are stored permanently in Merak’s e-bunker. Obviously, it is essential that we be able to access these data trouble-free at any point during the legal storage period. But stored in anonymous cases, ten metres beneath the ground in a Faraday cage and behind thick concrete walls, our data remain fully intact."

Cofely - Archief

Publicatiedatum: 06-2013

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