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"The impact of electromagnetic pulses"

Source: Merak

All business critical information is safe at Merak.

How vulnerable is your information? Both solar storms and e-bomb are a real danger for our modern society. The extremely powerful electromagnetic pulses which they generate result in enormous energy discharges and are a destructive danger for the worldwide electricity network and anything linked to it. Which means that your digital company documents are also under threat. Don’t worry though! When you engage the experts at Merak to store your magnetic data carriers, you can rest assured.

Solar flares or solar storms, one a little more intense than the other, are centuries old natural phenomena. Even more than in the past, our current society, with its high level of technological development in various fields, is very vulnerable to the impact of electromagnetic pulses caused by such storms. However, this is not the only danger. Electromagnetic pulses can also be generated by human intervention and in particular due to the development of an e-bomb. E-bombs are very effective weapons in the hands of powerful opponents in so-called Information Warfare. A recent example is the development by Boeing of a counter-electronics rocket, which disables all electronics with powerful microwave radiation without causing any direct human damage. The latter statement is obviously relative, as disabling electronic and digital networks will undoubtedly result in a complete disruption of our economic processes and society.

External offline backup: the best backup!
Merak is not leaving anything to chance and protects your confidential and company-critical information against electromagnetic attacks, even when they are stored on vulnerable magnetic carriers. Our investment in the construction of an e-bunker has been rewarded. In this large, underground safe, Merak is storing magnetic carriers and vital documents. The e-bunker is protected against attacks from electronic bombs but also against physical attacks, such as a large fire or a plane crash.

Any company – large or small – taking the continuity of its organisation seriously has come to the right place at Merak. Storing your documents at the external Merak archiving facilities forms an essential part of the optimum risk management strategy for your company.

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