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Archive management for Aberdeen Property Investors

“Archive management is Merak’s core business”

“Merak offers extreme security guarantees: their storage locations are protected against burglary and the danger of fire and flooding. At the same time, they’re immediately able to find any document in their archiving system.”

Aberdeen - Archiefbeheer

Maximum confidentiality

“The Merak courier wanted to deliver documents. But our internal manager was absent. The result? The courier was un- able to deliver the archives because the authorised signature was lacking! If they are that strict, it means that there is hardly going to be a risk of confidential documents ending up in the wrong hands.”

Easy access

“We work increasingly with digital documents. Although hard-copy versions are often used as essential pieces of evidence. By digitising them, we can consult them whenever and wherever we want. This user-friendliness was one of the reasons why we chose Merak.”

Publicatiedatum: 06-2006

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