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Why choose Merak?


At Merak, your information is in good hands. A barcode system guarantees your anonymity. Merak can also seal each package.


It is very easy to increase or decrease your volume in the Merak storage facilities. Merak has its own 24/7 courier service.

High tech infrastructure

Merak stores your documents and your data carriers in specially developed packaging. The Merak storage facilities are secured against fire, theft, vermin, water damage and more. The secured software provided by Merak makes it easy to trace your documents.


120 experts are at your service. With more than 35 years of experience in the professional storage of your data, Merak is able to quickly estimate your needs and provide you with a tailor made solution at a transparent and competitive price.

ISO certified

Merak ensures specific storage for your specific needs in accordance with official standards.

A reliable partner

Merak guarantees you 100% reliability and 0% error margin. You can trace your data at any time.

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